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E-mail: sehgal ne. The work consisted of experiments and analysis development.

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The modeling activities in the area of structural analyses were focused on the support of EC-FOREVER experiments as well as on the exploitation of the data obtained from those experiments for modeling of creep deformation and the validation of the Sarah Ink Master Kaalulangus structural codes. Work was also performed for extension of melt natural convection analyses to consideration of stratification, and mixing in the CFD codes.

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Other modeling activities were for 1 gap cooling CHF and 2 developing simple models for system code. The work was broken up into five packages.

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They were divided into tasks, which were performed by different partners. Those results obtained were related to the following issues: 1 multiaxial creep laws for different vessel steels 2 effects of penetrations, and 3 mode and location of lower head failure.

Two other experimental projects were also conducted.

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One was the COPO experiments, which was concerned with the effects of stratification and metal layer on the thermal loads on the lower head wall during melt pool convection. The second experimental project was conducted at ULPU facility, which provided data and correlations of CHF due to the external cooling of the lower head.