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Luuda abil pühkis ta eseme välja ja leidis, et tegemist on surnud lapsega". Pr Cigrand, ütles Holmes, oli abiellunud oma kihlatu Robert Phelpsiga - kellega polnud keegi varem kohtunud ega kuulnudki - ning lahkus linnast mesinädalatel, et tõenäoliselt mitte kunagi tagasi pöörduda. Kuid see sobib teise motiiviga.

Legend valgest linnakuradist Täna elab H. Holmes kurikuulusena kui "Ameerika esimene sarimõrvar", kuid kui suur osa meile räägitud loost on pikkade juttude, kollase ajakirjanduse ja halva faktikontrolli tulemus?

Arvustused Goodreads'ist "Few would have predicted that Bernard Berenson, from a poor Lithuanian Jewish immigrant family, would rise above poverty.

Yet Berenson left his crowded home near Boston's railyards and transformed himself into the world's most renowned expert on ItalianRenaissance paintings, the owner of a beautiful villa and an immense private library in the hills outside Florence.

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The explosion of the Gilded Age art market and Berenson's work for dealer Joseph Duveen supported a luxurious life, but it came with painful costs: Berenson hid his origins and, though his attributions remain foundational, felt that he had betrayed his gifts as a critic and interpreter of paintings.

This finely drawn portrait of Berenson, the first biography devoted to him in a quarter century, draws on new archival materials that bring out the significance of his secret business dealings and the central importance of several women in his life and work: his sister Senda Berenson; his wife Mary Berenson; his patron Isabella Stewart Gardner; his lover Belle da Costa Greene; his dear friend Edith Wharton, and the companion of his last forty years, Nicky Mariano.

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Rachel Cohen explores Berenson's inner world and extraordinary visual capacity while also illuminating the historical forces--new capital, the developing art market, persistent anti-Semitism, and the two world wars--that profoundly affected his life"-- Explores the art historian's inner world and visual capacity while illuminating the historical forces that affected his life, the significance of his secret business dealings, Whartoni kaalulangus Burlington the influence of several women on his work.

When Gilded Age millionaires wanted to buy Italian Renaissance paintings, the expert whose opinion they sought was Bernard Berenson, with his vast erudition, incredible eye, and uncanny skill at attributing paintings.

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Nevertheless his way of seeing, presented in his books, codified in his attributions, and institutionalized in the many important American collections he helped to build, goes on shaping the American understanding of art today.

This finely drawn portrait of Berenson, the first biography devoted to him in a quarter century, draws on new archival materials that bring out the significance of his secret business dealings and the way his family and companionsincluding his patron Whartoni kaalulangus Burlington Stewart Gardner, his lover Belle da Costa Greene, and his dear friend Edith Whartonhelped to form his ideas and his legacy.

An illuminating new biography of the connoisseur who changed the art world and the way we see art Näita Whartoni kaalulangus Burlington Näita vähem Arvustused "A highly sympathetic and graceful portrait of Bernard Berenson, the art connoisseur and dealer who remade himself into a work Whartoni kaalulangus Burlington art, priced and priceless, which he protected, cultivated, and even at times bartered: Rachel Cohen's Bernard Berenson is an illuminating tale of this self-transformation, its successes and pitfalls, told with stalwart compassion.

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With the keen gaze that Berenson brought to a picture, Rachel Cohen analyzes his high-wire act of self-invention against the glittering, aristocratic, anti-Semitic world of art collecting.

If you live in an American city, there's a good chance that you can go to a museum today and see an exquisite Sienese Madonna, or a Venetian Holy Family, or a Florentine portrait.

You have Berenson-and his collector-acolytes-to thank.

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Cohen investigates Berenson's contradictions, metamorphoses, and dramatically unconventional life with vivacious authority. Cohen deftly channels the sweeping intensity of Berenson's aesthetic ecstasy, hard-won expertise, surprising adventures, and vital legacy.

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The book leaves an indelible impression, not merely in the way it catalogues Berenson's accomplishments and failings, but also in its dissection of the struggle between desire and alienation that characterizes American art-and life-to this day.

Cohen's remarkable book affords the occasion also for rumination upon self-invention and authenticity, upon the making of the man, and of taste, too.

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