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Tasuta toitumiskava saad meilt. Kaalulangus kokku kahe väljakutse nädalaga Minu toitumiskavaga tunned end energilisemana, kaotad keskmiselt 1 kg nädalas ja säästad poeskäikudelt raha. Retseptid, trenn, kokkamine, kaalumine…. Best regards and stay safe Afficher la suite.

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I wanted to tell you a story from my side, from Est…onia. About two years ago I found Heidi, she was doing a live video about children illnesses. Everything she was saying there, was just like my life.

  • I wanted to tell you a story from my side, from Est
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Inhaler, atopic thermatitis, allergies, asthma I have four kids. My older sons were often ill with bronchitis and laryngeal edema and atopic thermatitis.

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Heidi teached me NPA method and other very usefull knowleds. Example - child less than 7 years Liitu tasuta kaalulangus valjakutse is in mothers energy and every problem what the mother has had are shown on kids skin.

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  4. I wanted to tell you a story from my side, from Est…onia.
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When i found Heidi, my daughter was 10 months old. I started dealing with my emotions, forgivenesses.

I became balanced person. She is well and healthy. She is full of life-energy and joy.

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My youngest sons skin shows off everytime when i have problems. I have been in many classes of Heidi and the changes are powerful and strong. It is nice to build a life what you have imagined for yourself.

These fears and beliefs are no longer a limit after Heidis courses.

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Just using NPA method and changing your beliefs. I am very thankful to Heidi for that!

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Best regards and stay safe Afficher la suite.